Bob Marley: Time Will Tell

Bob Marley: Time Will Tell
    Bob Marley - rocker, visionary, poet, international icon of reggae and Rastafari - comes vividly to life as never before in this film jam-packed with concert performances, searing soundtracks, rare footage of Marley and the Wailers backstage, and much revealing commentary from Bob himself.

    From Marley's roots in the violence and criminality of the Trenchtown ghetto to his benchmark collaboration with Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer; from his immersion in the Rasta religion to his rise to international superstardom; from his wounding in an assassination attempt to his tragic and untimely death - the story of Bob Marley's astonishing life is told not through dry discussion but through music, color, and voice.
    What comes through most powerfully is one man's amazing soul, a soul full of passion and spirit - the soul of the immortal Bob Marley.
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